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The 2012 Brass Blast

The Southington Brass Blast is a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest trumpet ensemble and a benefit for organizations that support students and musicians. Thank you to the 298 trumpeters, their fans and our volunteers who joined us on April 21, 2012.

View the 2012 Brass Blast video.

Save the date for the 2014 Brass Blast attempt to be held on April 26, 2014 at Southington High School.

At the 2012 attempt, almost $9,000 was raised for three worthy causes:

We invite you to share your comments, photos and video at 2012 Southington Brass Blast, a Guinness World Record Attempt event on Facebook. Articles about the event can be found here.

It was great to see that so many of you followed our suggestion that trumpeters who hadn't played for a while, especially parents of current players, dust off your horn and join us. There were multiple families performing together. Here is some of the feedback we received:

"It was a real good day today. The best part of the experience was all the generations playing their horns today. Congratulations." -JS

"Thank you, THANK YOU for putting on a fabulous event. In the trumpet section--well, it was all the trumpet section, there were smiles and more smiles. Kids performed with parents, and music educators. I connected with an old friend from school days. I hadn't played in an ensemble since 1985. It was fun and it was really COOL. It was good to see my son and daughter's music teachers again; Tim Johnson and Jeff Shaw. I hope the Southington Brass will make another world record attempt in the future. It was a terrific day." - RC

"Thanks again for putting this together - I had a great time!" - LS

"Thank you Erik for a wonderful experience for my daughter and a great concert for the rest of us. It was amazing to hear so many trumpet players come together and make beautiful music. Until the next attempt!" - KW


Thank you to the musicians who performed in the concert after the attempt. Those of you who stayed were treated to a special performance.

- Dominic Deresse, a classical soloist, has played on more than 60 motion picture soundtracks, recorded commercials for more than 100 different companies, performed numerous themes for television, and performed in over 25 Broadway shows.

- Daren B. Wilkes, a freelance player in the NYC area, formerly a member of the US Army Band, has performed the Riverside Symphony, Bridgeport Symphony, Princeton Symphony, Norwalk Symphony, and the New Amsterdam Symphony.

- Mike Pontecorvo, currently a music educator in Hartford, CT and musical director of the band Funkastra, was musical director on several cruise lines and has performed with Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Dorsey, Temptations, Artie Shaw, and a variety of other performers.


We would also like to thank our sponsors.

-Charles Colin Publications

Charles Colins

- P2 Automation, LLC

P2 Automation

- The Music Shop of Southington

Music Shop of Southington

- Southington Chamber of Commerce

Southington Chamber of Commerce

- Vantis Life: Insurance Company

Vantis Life

- Emendee Technologies: Telecommunications and Energy Solutions


- D'Agostino & Mazzone, LLC: Certified Public Accountants, Business & Financial Advisors


- Resources Management Corporation: financial investment advisory services (West Hartford)

Resources Management Corp

- Pan De Oro: All Natural Tortilla Chips

Pan De Oro


- Carmen Filloramo Photography

Carmen Filloramo Photography


- Jaeger Brass: Brass Instrument Specialists

Jaeger Brass


- Brass Aid, trumpet mute holders

Brass Aid


- Guida's Milk

Guida's Milk


- The Southington Arts Council


- E.K. Blessing, manufacturing brass instruments since 1906.
Blessing Brass


- TAB Computer Systems, Inc.
TAB Computer Systems


Brass Blast Photos

The trumpet section:


Musical Director, Tim Johnson:


Southington Brass founders, the Semmel brothers:


More photos and video are at Southington Brass Blast, a Guinness World Record Attempt event on Facebook. View the official 2012 Brass Blast video.